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Strangest. Day. Ever.

Posted: February 12, 2012 in disappointment, perseverance

You know those days when you kinda sorta wish you’d just stayed in bed, because they just keep getting weirder and weirder and snowballing into a giant vortex of insanity that sucks you in and makes you want to go just a little bit crazy (if you weren’t there already)?


That kind of day.

I slept in until 10 (which was lovely) and reveled in that extra time in bed, since it was raining outside and I was snuggled up with a pile of blankets and a purring kitty cat. I had a pretty boring day planned, beginning with a visit to a tax professional and continuing on to a mini-mission to find a pair of black ballet flats to wear for my choir performance next week. It turns out, the only black shoes I own are attached to 4 inch stilettos….

In the course of getting my taxes done, it turned out I was getting screwed by a stipend for a grant I worked on over two years ago, and for which I did not receive a 1098-MISC until well after April 15th last year. I thought I could just claim it this year, since I didn’t receive it until after taxes were due last year…but apparently that was a very wrong assumption, and now I not only owe a giant lump sum in actual taxes, but additional hundreds of dollars in penalties, and some change on top of that for having the tax people fix it for me.


I may have cried a little in the tax lady’s office.

…okay, more than a little.

It feels like when you’re poor, the universe just conspires to keep you that way sometimes.

But what can you do, besides fix it and move on?

I learned from this that I’m never doing my own taxes again, because “fast free and easy” really just means “you pay more later.”

Tax drama over (for the day), I picked up a buddy and headed to the mall to search for shoes. I ended up finding a pair in under 10 minutes, so we scurried across town for dinner. There was crazy traffic and no parking anywhere, which was odd for that part of town on a Saturday evening, but we braved it because the Mexican food at this place is addictive. As we were leaving, I had a strange desire to stop into a coffee shop on the corner…but we kept walking.

I got home, and then discovered a tweet from Buddy Levy….that he was at the coffee shop giving a reading.

By that point, it was an hour and a half after the reading started, and half an hour before it ended. It takes about 15 minutes to get from my house back to the coffee shop in question, so after a few more tears of frustration (it’s been that kind of a day…) I threw my shoes back on and jumped back in the truck, and drove through the rain, back into town, trying not to think too hard about what would happen if things didn’t go the way I wanted them to, and hoping this would be a good time to introduce myself.

I emailed Buddy Levy a few days ago, because I want his input on a project I’m working on. He was nice enough to email me back, and we’ve been discussing a time to meet. I thought an informal introduction at a coffee shop might be a nice way to get the process started. And demonstrate to him that I’m not crazy. Because I imagine he gets some of that.

I got lucky this time around, and scored a sweet parking spot right out front. There were two more readings, so I got to listen to those (I haven’t been to a fiction reading since I was an undergrad, and this reminded me that I actually miss them…note to self). When things settled down, I was able to wander over and introduce myself, and actually got to spend a few minutes chatting with Buddy Levy about my research and how I hoped his insight might be helpful. He was really nice about it, promised to answer more questions, and gave me a fist bump. Score!

Add that to the resume…

I headed back to my truck, where I promptly bumped into my choir director, who was looking for a local music venue. I flashed back to playing there with my band, gave him directions, and headed home to contemplate the strange, strange state of my life as of February 11, 2012.

I’m going back to bed.