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OCD, anxiety, and hoarding often go hand in hand, and sometimes they’re transferable. In my case, the situation started with my father. He’s always been a hoarder. My grandmother was also a hoarder – as a kid, I was always told it was because she’d lived through the Great Depression. The older I get, and the more I learn, the more I suspect it was ingrained in her by her parents. And she passed it on to my dad.

Then it spread, first to my mother, who turned to hoarding as a way to relieve depression. Finally, it trickled down to me. Genetically and situationally, I was predisposed to anxiety and OCD.

Growing up, I felt more often than not like no one understood me. I had strange anxiety and panic attacks I couldn’t explain and was told they were my fault. I needed to learn how to get control over them. My OCD came out full force by the time I hit my teens. This, again, I was told was my fault.

But OCD really has saved my life – it’s a long story that I’ll get to in parts. But it’s worth talking about because I know it will help others. And it’s a testament to the fact that there is always…always…hope.