Hello, Motivation?

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been very unmotivated the past couple of weeks. I’m torn between feeling like I totally earned a break because I just passed prelims, and like I need to kick things into another gear and get some things checked off my list…because I just finished prelims.

I’ve been trying to finish up an article for…what feels like forever. It keeps snowballing and turning into more work, which makes me less motivated to chip away at it. Instead of going to campus to work on it, I’ve been a lot more interested in staying home and working on my adviser’s research, which I can do in my pajamas, while watching TV. On the upside of things, I finally have that project almost wrapped up, and it’s been haunting me for a long time.

Trying to get motivated to do other stuff isn’t really happening though.

I cleaned my house. In stages. I cleaned the downstairs on Monday. Today I finally got around to the upstairs. Normally it’s a one day process.

I’ve been cooking a lot. And reading things that are not school related.

And watching obscene amounts of Law and Order.

And contemplating the fact that Christmas is coming.

Tomorrow, I’m giddily excited about going to do silly things, like painting ceramics with my Ladypants and heading to Costco with boyfriend. It’s nice to not feel guilty about making time for those things for a change.

And maybe I’ll go to campus on Monday and finish my article.



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