Working from Home

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet.

I’ve been studying for prelims.

I finally have dates set for taking them, and to say that I’m “freaking out” is a giant understatement. Somewhere in the back of my head, I’ve been convincing myself that I’d be able to put them off until this Spring. Wrong.

So between studying like a first year undergrad (again), and keeping up with the band, and going to a conference last week, things have been crazy.

I feel like I’ve turned a corner here, somewhere, without really noticing.

One day, I woke up, and I was ready to be done with grad school. Ready to see what comes next. Hopefully, whatever it is involves my band, because I can’t imagine life without it.

I’ve made some changes. Now that Effexor is out of the picture (liberating…it’s liberating not to be tied to having to remember to take that capsule every night, and know that I’m going to be okay without it), I sort of feel like I can do anything.

Almost anything. Prelims may or may not work out the way I want them to.

But I can do this:

Jackson Blue live show, 8-13-11

And this:

Performing with Jackson Blue, 8-13-11

And yes, even this:

Sound check...which is usually more nerve-wracking than the actual show.

So I have that going for me. I also have a solid dose of terror working for me now, which is helping immensely with the prelim studying. Knowing there’s a deadline = excellent motivation. Today is the first day in a while that I’ve been really successful at staying home and still getting a ton of work done. Go me.

I still have a million things to do. Back to it.


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