Posted: May 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Okay I’m back. I know I’ve been mostly MIA for a few weeks, but I’ve gotten a lot of things sorted out. I’m recharged and ready to get back on top of things I’ve been neglecting. I’ve been out of the loop to some extent because I’ve been house sitting for one of my professors and not being at my own house makes everything feel a little discombobulated. I have a week left of house sitting, but I’ve settled into a nice groove now of getting up at 6:30, feeding my professor’s little dogs, and then coming home. I forgot how nice it is to be up that early and have a leisurely amount of time available to get ready for work. And it makes me more productive because I feel more energized in the morning. I’m planning on keeping mostly on this schedule for the rest of the summer, and walking with my friend Jacki, who lives down the street, in the mornings. Having a walking buddy keeps me focused and makes me accountable for getting out of bed in the mornings. And I feel like I get more done when I’m up early because I don’t roll out of bed with a sense of being behind on my work for the day right from the start.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the various kinds of “clutter” in my life. The hoarding and physical clutter is obvious, and that will always be a large part of what I post about, because it’s an issue that I think more people need to be aware of. And for anyone who struggles with similar kinds of situations, it’s important to know you aren’t alone. Hoarding is a very secretive, very isolating condition, but it is possible to overcome, whether you’re the hoarder or a family member caught in the midst of things.

Beyond that, though, there are other kinds of clutter in my life that have been a continual struggle. I consider the skin picking and OCD a kind of clutter. It takes up mental and emotional space that can often be in short supply due to the demands of  life in general. Same goes for weight and food issues. Food is a kind of clutter in a lot of ways. Junk food and things I eat but know I shouldn’t are clutter. I think there has to be room in life for enjoying things that are delicious but not necessarily good for you – I like the Hungry Girl 80-20 rule: eat right 80 percent of the time, and allow yourself treats the other 20 when it’s appropriate.  I have trouble sticking to that because I tend to defeat myself mentally at the slightest slip, and then I allow myself to slip even farther because I’m convinced it doesn’t matter anymore. Breaking out of that cycle is a work in progress, but I’m at the point where I feel like the more I talk about it, the easier it will get. So that will feature in my posts over the next few weeks as I embark on my mission to get back in shape.

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for about two years now, and I love many things about the program. Tracking what I eat keeps me accountable and on track most of the time. I’ve been slacking on this lately (self-defeating, again, because of little slips that I’ve allowed to turn into a big slip), but I think the general tenets of Weight Watchers are very helpful. I have lost over 10 pounds (at my best point, I was down over 25 pounds, some of which I’ve obviously put back on). Part of that was that my workout routine just wasn’t sustainable. 4 hours a day was too much, and I burned out on it. Now I’m making an active effort to find a better balance and incorporate shorter workouts from home with eating smaller, more balanced meals. I think sharing my progress will help me see the positive results instead of focusing on the negatives and the things I still feel like I need to work on.

So that’s the news for now…I’m off to sort through some of the work I need to accomplish this week and get meals prepared for this week. Being on top of having my week at least partially organized before Monday gets here helps me stay focused and feel less overwhelmed. Yay for that.


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