Karma Better Be A Bitch…

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today renewed my belief that some people are really just worthless, miserable excuses of human beings, and do not deserve to breathe the same air that everyone else on this planet does. Seriously…intellectually, and even after the challenges of my lifetime, I understand that there are bad people in the world. But then days like today happen, and I’m reminded that my mind just cannot wrap itself around people who are so useless they have to invest their lives making other people’s difficult.

This is what I think about the worthless motherfucking miserable worthless bastard(s…I assume) who just broke into and gutted my boyfriend’s car this afternoon. I’m guessing their plan was to steal the entire car, but the battery was dead, so instead they just gutted it. They took everything…even the back seat. I’m surprised they left the tires. Evidently they ran out of time. The car is totaled. But the physical car isn’t what pisses me off infuriates me.

It’s the idea. I feel like my space and my safety have been violated. Am I safe in my house now? I know it sounds melodramatic, but I’m still in shock from the idea of this. Whoever broke into my boyfriend’s car and did this did it in the middle of the day, between 8:00 when we left for work and noon, when our neighbor came home and said he noticed the hood of the car was ajar and the front license plate hanging off. Broad daylight. It rained hard last night. There was blood on the sidewalk, like whoever did this got cut. The rain would have washed it away if this had happened last night. What’s next?!

I’ve spent the last five years working on feeling safe and secure in my life. Now this. Life always throws you curve balls. This one just makes me angry because someone did this. And they deserve to be punished, so I hope they get caught. Sooner rather than later would be nice.

...and no back seats...

the car looks a lot bigger with no front seats...


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